Gorgeous model walks in to coffee shop

A gorgeous, 20 something graced my morning coffee with this fashion forward and stylish outfit.

Out of reflex my hands instantly grabbed my Google Pixel 3 and began snapping away.

Unfortunately the lighting was poor, extremely backlit. But thanks to in phone apps this is what I managed to create from the salvage.


JB Higgins’ Witty Street Scenes

Long time San Francisco photographer JB Higgins has developed some of the wittiest eyes as a San Francisco street photographer.

He has shown his work at multiple galleries, art fairs, and open studios. You can connect with him every Sunday at the Noe Street art Mart in The Castro district of San Francisco.

The Concerned Photographer –Anthony Friedken

Perhaps I’m too old, but I don’t recall that “queer” had the same context it does today.

No matter. Anthony Friedkin’s “Gay Essay” was a hot show at the DeYoung Museum SF in 2014. Here’s a poignant look into his work, and a time when homosexuality was illegal, and “queer” was a fighting word.

I thought I was on Mars

Looking out my window about this time one year ago, at about 10:30 a.m.

The sky was a bloody orange from all the smoke from the wildfires.

I’m just glad I didn’t bring any children into this filthy greedy mercenary short-sighted drying up from climate change world.