Wathondara’s Garden For Sale

Here we have a guardian angel, perhaps, keeping an eye out for Phra Mae Thorani, Thailand’s Holy Mother of Earth.

Here’s a closer look at my favorite Goddess. In Myanmar she’s called Wathondara.

Notice the for sale\rent sign in the background. I wonder how much, and if the goddesses come with the garden?

All food for thought while editing and munching a ham and cheese croissant at Thoroughbred Bakery in SF.

“Banner Dark” Sightglass coffee; at Thoroughbred Bakery SF. But get there early they close at 3:00 p.m.!

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I’d rather be doing this.

Today’s coffee musings courtesy of Google photos; remembering this touching moment from 8 years ago this month.

It was my last day in town and I wanted to bid farewell to my favorite gentleman friends who helped make my stay so lovely.

There’s Sophana, yours truly, Dee, and Toto. These lovely young men are members of the all Cambodian crew at the BC Bar in Jomtien Beach, Thailand.

“BC” stands for Boy Cambodia, btw.

Stay tuned for more fairy tales from afar by Photojimsf.

Peet’s Castro SF medium roast “Cafe Domingo”.

It’s The Small Things In Life…

… that seemed to count in this Google photos look back to January of 2015.

Click image to see story and album.

It’s a fun little story album of statuettes, trinkets and decorations I found interesting on my joywalks in Thailand.

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Peet’s Rewards

Yummy, fatty, salty, starchy, crispy ham and cheese sandwich. This was my reward for ordering so many cups of coffee via the mobile app at Peet’s coffee in the Castro.

Then my foggy mind strayed to the word award. What’s the difference between an award and a reward?

Grammar monster says an award is a medal or mark of recognition for winning a competition. A panel of judges may be involved.

Whereas a reward is a prize or perk given in return for completing a task, service, or effort. No competition involved.

Then it gives this dreary quote from US President Harry S Truman: “The reward of suffering is experience.”

How monstrous of them!

But then my mind strays back to the matter at ham and cheese; how I’d gladly suffer through another dozen cups of Peet’s for the crispy cheesy reward.

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Paint By Phone — SF Ferry Building

Could this almost be a Wayne Thiebold painting?

It’s a zoomed in and extremely cropped version of the phone pic below, with about a half an hour of editing via Snapseed and PicsArt.

The view is from the train stop on Market Street at Sanchez Street, on the way to Peet’s Coffee, where I did the editing.

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Facebook Remembers Stallion Club Night

From 11 years ago!

Here’s a shot of go go dancer Brandon in action.

I was on assignment shooting the night life scene in San Francisco, at “Stallion”, a regular Saturday night event at Rebel, a bar no longer in existence right across from Martuni’s on Market Street.

Every now and then Facebook remembers old posts from years ago and suggests resharing, and that’s where I came across this one while sipping my morning cup of coffee.

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Cyclone Bomb Refuge

Dodged the raindrops to meet a pal at Peet’s during the big “Cyclone Bomb” storm of January 2023.

Dry and warm inside, we had the “Big Bang” medium roast.

I made these portraits of the hot bombshell on the half shell at the next table.

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First Cup Of The Year

Happy New Year 2023

First outing, coffee shop, credit card transaction, cup of coffee of 2023 is:

Peet’s Castro! A small cup of featured medium roast “Cafe Domingo”.

Window seating.

First photo memory via Google Photos is from 8 years ago. It was a fabulous joy ride and visit to Koh Larn, a small paradise Island off the coast of Pattaya Thailand:


Peet’s On Earth

Yes it was fairly warm, quiet and peaceful inside Peet’s Coffee Castro on this cold, wet, dreary San Francisco day.

While sipping my coffee and perusing my messages, look what I found:

photo: Queer_Monkey_Photography IG

A message from my spy in Pattaya, Thailand along with a picture showing things are swinging back to full force in the land of smiles, warmth and sunshine.