Peet’s Rewards

Yummy, fatty, salty, starchy, crispy ham and cheese sandwich. This was my reward for ordering so many cups of coffee via the mobile app at Peet’s coffee in the Castro.

Then my foggy mind strayed to the word award. What’s the difference between an award and a reward?

Grammar monster says an award is a medal or mark of recognition for winning a competition. A panel of judges may be involved.

Whereas a reward is a prize or perk given in return for completing a task, service, or effort. No competition involved.

Then it gives this dreary quote from US President Harry S Truman: “The reward of suffering is experience.”

How monstrous of them!

But then my mind strays back to the matter at ham and cheese; how I’d gladly suffer through another dozen cups of Peet’s for the crispy cheesy reward.

Thanks for checking in, stay tuned for more coffee shop idlings from Photojimsf.


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