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Tim Kramer RIP

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— “Doug Cooper (February 2, 1958 – April 16, 1992) was known as Tim Kramer, one of the biggest gay porn stars of the 1980s. I met him through a mutual acquaintance. We quickly became friends. Doug was born in West Virginia and grew up in Ohio.He was a smart and compassionate person. Since I was only posing for photographic shoots and he was very successful performing in film, I thought of him as a “Star.” He was always humble and treated everyone with kindness and respect. I learned a lot just from being around him. Doug and I not only shared first names; we also ran escort services in Hollywood. I didn’t see it as competition because there seemed to be enough clients for everybody. Doug was smart and he knew the value of the his “brand.” I remember when he told me about a solar installation company he wanted to invest in, and although I saw the potential, he saw the future. This installation company became his "day job." He also ran a health food store. When Doug was diagnosed with HIV, he started an AIDS support group and began promoting safer sex. He spent the last years of his life making regular runs to Mexico to buy in bulk low cost anti-viral medication for others in the community who could not travel. He truly cared about others. Doug became very ill in 1991 and passed away in 1992. Doug, you taught me how to stay strong and care for others even when we’re in pain. I know your star shined bright and brief, but you made a difference in many people’s lives, including mine. If you were here today, you’d be thrilled to see that you were right: solar was the future. I cried when you died, but I know you’re in heaven making it a happier place for others. You taught me a lot about life and thinking ahead. Rest in Peace Doug. You’re not forgotten." — by Shawn Mayotte @shawnmayotte . #whatisrememberedlives #theaidsmemorial #aidsmemorial #neverforget #endaids

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Crawford Barton

Some Rompin And Stompin Boomer Stoner Hippie Music

Happy high tea time.

Black Water by the Doobie Brothers was a billboard #1 hit in 1975. I know cause I was around back then, saw them twice at the West Palm Beach Civic Auditorium. The air was so thick with pot smoke you could cut it with a knife. Mom clocked me for smoking weed. Cause she had to drive me there and pick me up, and smelled it on me.

The Doobie Brothers are from San Jose, California, and performed for the Hell’s Angels regularly before breaking out nationally.

This song has roots in the Delta Blues of New Orleans.

Were you here then? But even if you weren’t, what is your favorite song from 1975? Leave a comment below.


The Procrastitute Welcomes Procrasti-YOU!

I was researching for my “Thailand Calling Dispatch” newsletter, and came across this gem on urban thesaurus: procrastitute. It’s defined as someone who goes out and hires a prostitute or two instead of completing their report, job, homework, chores, etc. I love it! Being the diligent journalist I am, I had to confirm with at least one other credible source. This is what came near the top of Google search, but below urban thesaurus. Not exactly the same, but I love it even more.

Procrastitute's Blog

Procrastitute’s level of procrastitution: 4 hours wasted (so far.)
Work left to complete: Entire methods essay.
Time left to complete it: Until 2:30 pm tomorrow.

I’ve got time to do that. Later.

I’m not sure why I haven’t begun this blog before.
That’s a lie. We all know why I haven’t begun this blog before. Because i’m the PROCRASTITUTE.

or the Procrastiqueen? Hmm… I can’t decide which one I like better.

I’m sure someone else has a blog about procrastinating. Actually, I’m sure there are more than a few procrastination station blogs floating around the interweb.

However… this one is mine.

Why create another procrastiblog when there are thousands circulating?

Because, obviously, I’m procrastinating. So here’s the real question:

Why should YOU read THIS procrastitivity?

Let’s be honest, the procrastipuns are PROCRASTILIARIOUS.

If you keep reading, I promise I’ll stop with that.

Mostly, this blog will be fantastic because I…

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