Some Rompin And Stompin Boomer Stoner Hippie Music

Happy high tea time.

Black Water by the Doobie Brothers was a billboard #1 hit in 1975. I know cause I was around back then, saw them twice at the West Palm Beach Civic Auditorium. The air was so thick with pot smoke you could cut it with a knife. Mom clocked me for smoking weed. Cause she had to drive me there and pick me up, and smelled it on me.

The Doobie Brothers are from San Jose, California, and performed for the Hell’s Angels regularly before breaking out nationally.

This song has roots in the Delta Blues of New Orleans.

Were you here then? But even if you weren’t, what is your favorite song from 1975? Leave a comment below.


Cockettes 50th Anniversary Event

My spies tell me everyone who is anyone was at the rickety old Victoria Theater that night for this not to be missed occasion.

The Procrastitute Welcomes Procrasti-YOU!

I was researching for my “Thailand Calling Dispatch” newsletter, and came across this gem on urban thesaurus: procrastitute. It’s defined as someone who goes out and hires a prostitute or two instead of completing their report, job, homework, chores, etc. I love it! Being the diligent journalist I am, I had to confirm with at least one other credible source. This is what came near the top of Google search, but below urban thesaurus. Not exactly the same, but I love it even more.

Procrastitute's Blog

Procrastitute’s level of procrastitution: 4 hours wasted (so far.)
Work left to complete: Entire methods essay.
Time left to complete it: Until 2:30 pm tomorrow.

I’ve got time to do that. Later.

I’m not sure why I haven’t begun this blog before.
That’s a lie. We all know why I haven’t begun this blog before. Because i’m the PROCRASTITUTE.

or the Procrastiqueen? Hmm… I can’t decide which one I like better.

I’m sure someone else has a blog about procrastinating. Actually, I’m sure there are more than a few procrastination station blogs floating around the interweb.

However… this one is mine.

Why create another procrastiblog when there are thousands circulating?

Because, obviously, I’m procrastinating. So here’s the real question:

Why should YOU read THIS procrastitivity?

Let’s be honest, the procrastipuns are PROCRASTILIARIOUS.

If you keep reading, I promise I’ll stop with that.

Mostly, this blog will be fantastic because I…

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1960’s Singer, Transgender Pioneer Jackie Shane

And, what about the dance routines of the backup players?

“Soul singer Joe Tex encouraged her to leave the American South and pursue her musical career, so she began playing gigs in Boston, Montreal and eventually Toronto. It was in the latter city, which had a budding R&B scene in the Sixties, that she found her audience. Shane packed nightclubs in Toronto in the 1960s and appeared on local music TV show Night Train. “Jackie was a revelation,” music journalist Rob Bowman said. “Quite quickly the black audience in Toronto embraced her. Within a couple of years, Jackie’s audiences were 50-50 white and black.”

Source: Jackie Shane Obituary: Singer, Transgender Pioneer, Dead at 78 – Rolling Stone

Busy As A One Legged Man…

“Working At The Office: Church St. Cafe”

…in an ass kicking contest! That’s how busy I’ve been this summer. But I missed you!

For my penance, I’m offering you, my “CupOfJim” fans a link to my new enewsletter: “jimslist”. As a special thank you for signing up, you’ll recieve my ebook: “Black And White Nostalgia”. It’s an e-catalog of 33 big, beautiful, digital reproductions of the images in my recent photo exhibit of the same name. Plus a few more that didn’t make the show.

The show was up the month of July at STRUT SF, the gay men’s health clinic in the Castro, funded by the SF AIDS Foundation. My first showing of hard copy artwork in decades, the artworks practically flew off the walls!

This group of images was taken from the late 70’s through the late 90’s in gay San Francisco. I was shooting only in black and white back then, and hand developing and printing my own work at the Harvey Milk Photography Center, and at the San Francisco Art Institute.

The era was a wonderful yet terrifying period in gay history. The tail end of the golden era of gay, or the “good ole days”, transitioning to the difficult and challenging AIDS years.

When just the thought of being gay was dangerous, and the nation was gripped with the fear of HIV, here was a community not only surviving, but thriving; openly, defiantly, and flawlessly!

“Mopping Up At Halloween In The Castro” 1979 by Jim James, aka Photojimsf

So grateful for the positive response, I booked sales for 12 pieces at the opening reception, Friday July 12. We silent auctioned off two more pieces to benefit the Elizabeth Taylor Gay Men’s Network, and raffled off another two!

I’ve delivered about half of the work so far. Things have slowed down just a tick, so you can expect to see more postings here on CupOfJim, and also on my photography/art blog: Photojimsf.

“Terry And Jack Land’s End SF” 1982 by Jim James aka Photojimsf

Summer Is Back In SF! 58F, Windy, And Foggy.

That means it’s back to the office: Church St. Cafe. Window seating, cinnamon raisin bagel extra crispy with butter, small coffee extra cream, two Splenda.

At STRUT SF July 2019

Today we’re working on an e-catalog of “Black And White Nostalgia”, a photographic romp through gay San Francisco late 70’s to late 90’s. It will be up at STRUT SF, the month of July. Here’s a teaser:

The Godfather Fund’s Tricycle Race 1985 Ish

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