The Procrastitute Welcomes Procrasti-YOU!

I was researching for my “Thailand Calling Dispatch” newsletter, and came across this gem on urban thesaurus: procrastitute. It’s defined as someone who goes out and hires a prostitute or two instead of completing their report, job, homework, chores, etc. I love it! Being the diligent journalist I am, I had to confirm with at least one other credible source. This is what came near the top of Google search, but below urban thesaurus. Not exactly the same, but I love it even more.

Procrastitute's Blog

Procrastitute’s level of procrastitution: 4 hours wasted (so far.)
Work left to complete: Entire methods essay.
Time left to complete it: Until 2:30 pm tomorrow.

I’ve got time to do that. Later.

I’m not sure why I haven’t begun this blog before.
That’s a lie. We all know why I haven’t begun this blog before. Because i’m the PROCRASTITUTE.

or the Procrastiqueen? Hmm… I can’t decide which one I like better.

I’m sure someone else has a blog about procrastinating. Actually, I’m sure there are more than a few procrastination station blogs floating around the interweb.

However… this one is mine.

Why create another procrastiblog when there are thousands circulating?

Because, obviously, I’m procrastinating. So here’s the real question:

Why should YOU read THIS procrastitivity?

Let’s be honest, the procrastipuns are PROCRASTILIARIOUS.

If you keep reading, I promise I’ll stop with that.

Mostly, this blog will be fantastic because I…

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