Oregon Has 1 Million Pounds of Excess Cannabis

This item by Culture Magazine from the Morning Coffee Newsfeed:

More competition generally means lower prices, and for now, cannabis consumers in Oregon should be happy with the price they see at the counter. The median price per gram of cannabis in Oregon dipped below $5 in December 2018. The long-term effects could be different.The Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s latest Recreational Marijuana Supply and Demand Legislative Report affirmed the growing oversupply problem in the state. According to that report, the state’s supply of cannabis could last 6.5 years. For now, the issue remains unsolved.

Source: Oregon Has 1 Million Pounds of Excess Cannabis | Culture Magazine

The gist of the story is that because it’s still illegal to transport weed across state lines, Oregon is stuck with an oversupply. Five bucks a gram!!!

Butttt, that’s about the same price you can buy weed for in SF when the clubs are having a sale, or on any street corner of Market Street in the civic center.

Wadddya think? Is weed too expensive, just right, or too cheap? Think it over while you sip your morning coffee, then leave a comment below?