Coffee Shop Music

Judging from the comments on Youtube, a lot of people like to study with this delicious, relaxing, non-intrusive jazz playing softly in the background.

We gave it a listen here at Cup Of Jim corporate headquarters, and concur. So much more was accomplished and the stress levels stayed quite low.

Here’s this from the Cafe Music BGM Channel’s Youtube:

Formed in 2013, our band consists of four members: pianist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer. Saxophonists, trumpeters, and vocalists sometimes join us in case we want to add to our sound. We mostly perform original songs each member composed, wishing to make people feel pleasant at any time, anywhere and any scene in everyday life by our music. We never stop creating; we compose, perform, and record music every day! We hope our music will reach as many audiences as possible.
Source: Cafe Music BGM channel – YouTube

Cafe Music BMG Channel

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